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NASCAR Trucks: Chevy Truck Notes and Quotes, Daytona

Posted By Terry Callahan
Motorsports Editor, The Auto Channel
JACK SPRAGUE, #24 NETZERO/HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS CHEVROLET SILVERADO (12th in first session, first in second, third in final session. Quick lap: 48.734/184.676 in second session): ON OVERALL PRACTICE: "With so many trucks on the track today it was pretty tough to get a clean lap. No matter how hard you tried, you always seemed to pick up someone's draft. It was the same for everyone, so I guess it wasn't that big of a deal." ON SETTING FASTEST LAP OF SECOND SESSION: "We picked it up from the first session. Dennis (Connor, crew chief) has a way of figuring out what we need to go fast. Having Ricky (Hendrick) out there in a second Silverado also really helps. It seems like one of us is usually able to hit on something that makes both of us go faster. That's a big advantage."

TRAVIS KVAPIL, #60 CAT RENTAL STORES CHEVROLET SILVERADO -- ROOKIE (second in first session, third in second, 16th in third. Quick Lap: 48.855/184.219 in second session): YOU CONTINUE TO RUN UP FRONT: "I think the Roush trucks got a lot of attention because of what they have done in the past, especially last year. I feel good just lurking in the shadows. Andy Houston finished third in this truck last year. He won a couple of races, it's a good truck, a good team. The only thing that has changed here is me. We're getting alone very well and it's a real good match. I feel real fortunate to be involved. Mike Addington has a solid sponsor, it's a solid team. It's been going real good so far." ON RUNNING SO WELL AS A ROOKIE: "You stay at home and watch these guys on T.V. and you really look up to them. I have a lot to learn just starting out. So far I think it's the biggest credit to the team. We go testing and the truck is fast, it makes it so easy for me to just get in there and drive. We have good setups and we have a good team. They're definitely making it easy for me right now. The crew chief (Rick Ren) is real good with relating to me with some of the changes they're making and why they're making them and what it's going to do. It seems like he's a real good teacher. He's really helping me out. I realize I have a lot to learn. So far we're getting off on the right foot." HAS IT BEEN TOO EASY? "After we tested here we got a bunch of ideas of what worked and what didn't work. We went home and we went to work. we changed a few things. We're really just doing some fine-tuning and searching for that extra little bit. We will just have to wait and see how we'll stack up in qualifying. We feel right now we may be second or third and maybe even have a shot at the pole. It will be a real good feeling if I could put it on the pole. It would give me and the team a lot of confidence." WAS THERE ANY DRAFTING OUT THERE? "It's so hard to get a good, clean lap. Another truck could be a half a straightaway ahead of you and you can still pick up their air. Some of the times are not real accurate, but I think the trucks on the top of the list will still be the fast trucks. We're kind of guessing right now, but qualifying definitely will tell us what everybody has really got."

RANDY TOLSMA, #61 TEAM RENSI MOTORSPORTS CHEVROLET SILVERADO (fourth in first session, 12th in second, fourth in third. Quick lap: 49.162/183.068 in third session): "We're happy. Pre-season testing sure helps. When we come here to prepare for the race we know what works and what doesn't work. Now we have to tune to the weather conditions and the track temperature we're facing this week. This is where very hard work through the winter helps. It's confusing as to who's done what as far as clean laps -- the air is so affected by the trucks on the track. If there are any trucks on the race track it will help your truck aerodynamically because the wind has already been split, but to what degree or how much no one will know. As far as the rundown is concerned, it's hard to tell exactly where you stand. There was a time when there were 12 trucks on the track; we chose not to go out. If there are five trucks on the race track the air is being redirected. This will make the race track faster. Right now there are so many variables in the draft and in the air current that the trucks drive in you never know exactly where you are at on the scorecard. We're happy with the Silverado; we're at the top of the sheet. Everything considered, we feel like we're in real good shape. We have two races here. One is qualifying, one is the race. You have to make your truck qualify well and drive well. In turn you have to have a good aerodynamic package so it will drive well. I think we have the best of both worlds."

DAVID DONOHUE, #16 TEAM RENSI MOTORSPORTS CHEVROLET SILVERADO -- ROOKIE (16th in first session, 16th in second session, 22nd in third session. Quick lap: 49.600/181.452 in second session): "We're running much better than we tested. I can't put an exact time on it because it's difficult. With so many trucks on the track it's hard to get a consistent run from one outing to the next because of spacing on the track. After the test we were seventh on the chart, but that was in a draft. It's hard to tell how good you really were in the draft because I was just sitting and riding around. I wasn't drafting then to win a race. Everyone in the field has a chance to win, so it will be a difficult race and the big thing is to be there at the end with a truck on the lead lap."

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