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Is the test drive dead? According to this startup - YES!

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EDITOR's NOTE: Acquiring a new vehicle without a through test drive is stupider than buying a couch without ever sitting in it...stooopid

eAutoLease is driving (pun intended!) the changing habits of how consumers are leasing cars, specifically how the need to test drive a car before committing is increasingly non-existent. This is something that founder Zoriy Birenboym said he’s seeing more and more.

Zoriy says:

  • 99.9% of our customers do not test drive their vehicles before purchasing. 
  • The fact is that consumers are more worried about price, honesty and customer service today than test driving a vehicle in advance.  
  • We have found that we are trusted to answer any questions a client may have.  
  • At the end of the day, the customer's main priority is to save time and money.
  • Online shopping changed everything and that's why reviews exist.  ,/li> Innovation on Wheels

The American distaste for the dreadful automobile shopping process is combated head on by a new NYC startup

Americans loath the traditional car shopping experience. According to a massive study published by Time Magazine, 75% of consumers would consider making their entire car-buying process online, including financing, price negotiation, back office paperwork and home delivery.�?? As innovation dominates the frameworks of modern business, time rapidly takes the stage as the commodity of absolute value. Senior partner at Mkckinsey and co. Mr. Kaas claims that the company that succeeds in saving the customer from the dreadful dealership to dealership procedure will ultimately flourish in the auto sales universe. Now, imagine you could visit 1500 dealerships with the click of a mouse…

Meet process to a time efficient productive practice. They have it down to an art. A minimalist approach exterminates the need to deal with third parties or multiple dealers.

This is how it works: Name a model or select a price range and within minutes you receive comprehensive price quotes from highly experienced and communicative consultants who will address all your concerns with the utmost attention. The car lease deals  are extremely competitive and reinforced by a price match guarantee. Once price is agreed upon the vehicle is insured and delivered directly to any location the customer prefers free of charge.

A skeptical person may ask himself; how is it possible that can lease a car for a better price than a dealership which specializes in a particular make? The answer is simple; high volume sales, extremely low overhead, exclusive access to marked-down inventory, and a network of dealerships that ranges across the entirety of our nation.

Ultimately, America is desperately searching for the alternative to the dreadful dealership car shopping experience. Beyond the investment of both time and effort, one simply cannot avoid the dishonest and obnoxious manner with which the conventional sales person ambitiously pursues his sale. The solution surprisingly does not have a geographical location, it lies conveniently embedded in the hard drive of a powerful server accessible anywhere, anytime, every day, of every month, at the customers’ convenience.

Those who remain distrustful of can engage in active research and rapidly discover that over 500 people have rated on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and and shared detailed accounts of their productive and positive 5 star experience. See for yourself; visit their page and request a free quote. Let your-self be pleasantly surprised by the virtuous and proficient approach taken by the well-educated and literate staff, and indulge in the simplicity, efficiency, and unrivaled pricing this firm offers effortlessly and honestly.


isn’t your traditional car company. We don’t have a lot that you have to drive across town to visit, and we don’t have pushy salesmen who won’t leave you alone until you make a purchase. Instead, we are a modern car leasing company that is here to help you find the perfect vehicle for you and your family. You will do all your shopping online, browsing through all the vehicles we have. One of the first things you’ll likely notice is that we have virtually every make and model you can imagine. From Acura’s to Volvo’s and everything in between. This is because we work with all the manufacturers to make sure our customers have access to exactly what they need. We know that every individual is unique, which is why we decided that we would not limit ourselves on what types of vehicles we provide.