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Week Two of Michael Moore's Attempt to Apologize for Blowing the Lid Off AGW and Extreme Green Begins Tonight +VIDEO

Will there be live sacrifices to save Earth?

Live Podcast Tonight Again Hopes to Restore America's #1 BS Artist to
Leftist Lunacy Prominence

FANTASY LAND - May 4, 2020: In an effort to mitigate his fall from grace after exposing the ineptness and hypocrisy of the AGW and extreme green movements, Michael Moore and associates will be staging another live video podcast in order to apologize for allowing the truth to be told and to lay blame for the failure of Mother Nature to cooperate with the alarmists' predictions of doom.

PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)
Extinction Rebellion's
swastika-like emblem

Joining Moore in tonight's pep rally to convince people to kill themselves to save the planet (the only solution expressed in the movie PLANET OF THE HUMANS is for 50% or more of the global population to die), he'll be introducing storm troopers from the eco-nazi group Extinction Rebellion. At the time of writing this report it is unclear if there will be live sacrifices. However, the word on the street is that Moore is hoping to be crowned fuhrer of the eco-nazi movement.

The live broadcast begins at 8PM ET - 5PM PT. It can be watched or completely ignored via the video window below.

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