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EVs Are The Only Vehicles Built On Wall Street

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,,,can you imagine the exponential growth of Corn Crop Farmland if the Wall Street promoters figured out an investment scheme to profit from the use of ethanol as a mobility fuel?

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But First Snide's Remarks: Believing that electric powered vehicles will replace the 300 million tried, true and paid for vehicles powered by (soon to be cleaner than electric) Internal Combustion Engines within the next 100 years, is like believing railroads will emerge to replace air travel here in the U.S...ain't gonna happen, believe that hey mister have I got a deal on this one owner bridge.

The only reason electric vehicles have gained this media momentum and traction is that the big boys on Wall Street have found another Enron scam to pull on the investment world...WTF why should a car company making cars and trucks nobody will buy (don't use Tesla to counter my remarks as the Tesla is selling not because it's an electric's selling because it's a Tesla) become an attractive investment for the next investors in? Can you imagine the growth in value of Midwest Corn Crop Farmland if the Wall Street scammers figured out an investment scheme to promote the use of American ethanol as mobility fuel...but unfortunately they won't even though anyone who really knows, knows Ethanol fuel is Green, Renewable, Domestic, Patriotic, Better For Vehicles and Supports America's Farmers, It won't become the next best thing because the Big Oil players all belong to the same club as the scam artists...oh well I guess we gotta wait until a patriots revolution.
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EVs are the only vehicles built, not by experienced UAW workers in state of the art billion dollar factories, but on Wall Street by stock brokers and stock manipulators stationed on the gleaming trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange with nary a robot or assembly line in sight.

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You just can't read any EV vehicle news without a gushing report on Tesla's latest stock price and how other car companies promoting the latest designs and telling fairy-tales about their EV's will see their stock value soar ("better get in see what happened to Tesla stock"), that is until dealers report the unsold inventory sitting on lots across the U.S.

August 3, 2020: The EV sector has been red hot and today is no different for Tesla (TSLA +4.8%), Nio (NIO +12.5%), Nikola (NKLA +4.3%) Li Auto (LI +3.4%) and Workhorse Group (WKHS +11.6%), which owns a 10% stake in Lordstown.

From Seeking Alpha:

The $2,000 level appears to be just a pitstop for Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) as it adds another 3.35% and traded as high as $2,081.68 earlier in the session on the record date for the upcoming split.

Every day Tesla pushes higher, it seems a new analyst is coming out with an opinion that General Motors (GM -0.7%) and Volkswagen (OTCPK:VWAGY) should separate their EV businesses to catch a lofty trading multiple. Bloomberg observes that it just worked in the energy sector with German utility RWE's (OTCPK:RWEOY) clean energy swap with Eon SE.

"Perhaps if Tesla did weaponize its share price by raising another enormous chunk of cheap capital, that might convince rivals to think more creatively," writes Chris Bryant.

More From Seeking Alpha:

Spotlight on EVs: The week ahead could be another volatile one for the electric vehicle industry with Volkswagen (OTCPK:VWAGY) scheduled to start taking binding orders for its "first edition" ID.3 electric car at a list price of €40K ($45.5K). The German automaker expects to start making some European deliveries in September and sending out full-featured ID.3s by the end of the year as the company's broad goal to be a mass EV producer accelerates. EV buzz is picking up in general after Tesla crossed the $1,000 per share threshold and Nikola soared in its public debut. Investors also have been putting a charge into EV-related stocks like Electrameccanica Vehicles , Arcimoto , Workhorse Group , Kandi Technologies and Nio , Aptiv , Delphi Technologies and to name a few. Of course, chipmakers like Nvidia , Maxim Integrated Products , NXP Semiconductors and TE Connectivity also benefit from the increased focus on EVs.


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