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Editor's Note: In 1998 the visionary genius's at The Auto Channel invented Spec-it Bid-it Buy-it. Back then, the beginning of the commercial internet the only place in the world to totally research any vehicle was here on The Auto Channel. The auto manufacturers sites and other few automotive web sites were still in the dark ages in fact most car dealers and car makers did not yet have useful web sites or even e-mail addresses.

But in the ensuing 25 years all of that has changed, responding to the changes we are updating our original SPEC-IT BID-IT BUY-IT elements to incorporate modern car maker site tools and dealer e mails to improve what was, and is still a money saving and helpful consumer vehicle buyer tool.

It may be 25 years later but its still a good idea for vehicle buyers to SPEC-IT BID-IT BUY-IT as it helps buyers maximize their purchasing and negotiating potential. Here's how it works.

SPEC-IT: Use Costco Auto Configurator or a Car Maker new car configurator (see links below) found on every brand's web site to Build and Price” which model will meet all of your equipment and pricing needs, including exact model derivative, options and MSRP. Many manufacturers sites include comparison tools for a side by side comparison of your preliminary model choice and other "maybes".

BID-IT: After you choose your short list of potential purchase candidates spend a day or two test driving each finalist. Once you have determined which exact vehicle you wish to purchase its now time to the completed configuration for that vehicle, choose the dealers you would like to get a bid from, then e mail that dealer's Internet Sales Manager. Request the bidding dealers to provide additional information about themselves and how they do business. You can also send a copy of your bid request via e-Mail to any franchised dealer of that brand for them to price your exact car.

BUY-IT: Because you have provided each bidding dealer the exact specs of the car you want to buy, you can now compare apples-to-apples, and see which dealer will really make the best deal on the exact car you want to buy. Remember price is only one factor in determing which dealer you will be buying from.

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