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Pepsi 400 -- Update (through Lap 65)

5 July 1997


Brett Bodine stays out on the track and becomes the new leader.

TLabonte has a long pit stop as he gets blocked into his stall. And there
is nearly a collision at the end of pit road as five race cars fight for
the same piece of real estate.

Craven's car has been pushed behind the wall. He was involved in that
incident and debris has punched a whole in his radiator.

Brett Bodine makes a pit stop.

Under caution: Elliott, Andretti, MWaltrip, JGordon, RWallace

Green flag on lap 38.

Marlin and Spencer are trying to get a lap back.

Andretti moves to inside and takes the lead from Elliott who drops in line
in second.

Lap 39: Andretti, Elliott, MWaltrip, JGordon, RWallace

Rusty bypasses JGordon and MWaltrip for third.

Lap 40: Andretti, Elliott, RWallace, Earnhardt, JGordon, Jarrett

Lap 44: The top five have broken away from the pack.

Earnhardt looks high and takes third from Rusty. JGordon also makes a move
into 4th.

Lap 45: Andretti, Elliott, Earnhardt, JGordon, RWallace, Jarrett

Elliott and Earnhardt are side-by-side for second and Andretti stretches
out his lead. Dale and Bill make harm, no foul.

Rusty and JGordon are side-by-side for fourth. WBurton is up to fifth.

RWallace disposes of JGordon and makes a move on Earnhardt to take second.

RGordon has worked his way up to 10th. And, as I type, moves into 9th.

Lap 49: Andretti, RWallace, Earnhardt, MWaltrip, Elliott, WBurton, Jarrett,
JGordon, RGordon, Schrader.

There are 35 cars on the lead lap.

Elliott takes fourth.

Earnhardt looks low and moves into 2nd.

Lap 53: Andretti, Earnhardt, RWallace, Elliott, MWaltrip, WBurton

Andretti bypasses Craven, who is back on the track several laps down.

Earnhardt looks high in turn four but falls back in line behind Andretti.

Marlin is still trying to get his lap back. He gets by Earnhardt and moves
up on Andretti's back bumper.

RWallace gets around Earnhardt for second. WBurton rides in fourth and
takes a quick peek to the inside of Earnhardt then falls back in line.

Elliott is going backwards. Apparently the car is missing and he may be
forced to come into the pits very soon. He gets back in line in 11th.

Lap 58: Andretti, RWallace, Earnhardt, WBurton, MWaltrip, Schrader, Irvan,
Jarrett, Martin

Earnhardt pulls out of line looking for second. He goes low on the track
and takes the position from Rusty pulling WBurton along with him.

Schrader gets around Rusty...and Wallace continues to lose position until
he falls in line in 7th.

Lap 63: Andretti, Earnhardt, WBurton, Schrader, MWaltrip, Irvan

WBurton sweeps to the bottom of the track and moves up alongside Earnhardt.
Dale powers back and give the position to Burton!

Lap 65: Andretti, Burton, Schrader, Waltrip, Irvan