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SCCA Trans-Am Qualifying Results from Minneapolis

7 July 1997


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Tom Kendall extended his two-season-long
fastest-qualifier streak to 10 with a record 1:16.799 (75.000 mph) lap in
qualifying for the 63-lap, 100.8 mile Sprint PCS Trans-Am race on the
street of Minneapolis.

"We made things tough on ourselves today by changing the brakes,
including new rotors," said Kendall. "It takes a while to bed in new
brakes and we didn't really have it. I spun when I locked a wheel
going down the straight. That gave me dirty tires and then I went down
the escape road. I managed to get a good lap in, then Dorsey turned a
fast one, but I couldn't fight back because my tires weren't up to
another fast lap."

Kendall, the defending Minneapolis race-winner and victor in the
season's first five races, will start his No. 11 All Sport Body
Qencher Ford Mustang Cobra fifth after the Trans-Am's random drawing
for the Goodyear Fast Five top-five qualifiers.

Posting the second-fastest lap in qualifying was Dorsey Schroeder at a
time of 1:17.118 (74.690 mph), followed by Paul Gentilozzi, Brian Simo
and Bill Saunders.

"I then cooled my tires for a couple laps, cruised around a bit, then
I got on it," said Schroeder. "I turned a very fast lap that closed
the gap to Tommy and my crew chief came on the radio and said that I
needed only 0.3 second more. But I called him back and said that if I
tried that he'd need a new car."

After the random drawing, Schroeder, in the No. 12 Raybestos Mustang
Cobra, will start third. Paul Gentilozzi, in the No. 5 RISO Chevrolet
Camaro, will start on the pole with Brian Simo, in the No. 22
Valvoline Mustang Cobra, starting second. Bill Saunders, in the No. 8
HighwayMaster/AutoLink Camaro, wil start fourth.

"This race will be a survival race," said Gentilozzi. There is only
one sure place to pass and that is going into the chicane. A pass can
be made under braking-there are a couple other places where one can
get past, after the short straights on the other side of the track,
but you have to force your way past, and the other guy has to

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Starters for Sunday's 63-lap, 100.8-mile Sprint
PCS Trans-Am race at the Minneapolis street circuit, with starting
position after random drawing for the Goodyear Fast Five top-five
qualifiers, car number, driver and hometown, car, time and
speed in miles-per-hour.

Pos No Driver				      Car		  Time		Speed
 1   5 Paul Gentilozzi, Lansing, Mich.	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:17.391	74.427
 2  22 Brian Simo, Carlsbad, Calif.	      Ford Mustang Cobra  1:18.092	73.759
 3  12 Dorsey Schroeder, Osage Beach, Mo.     Ford Mustang Cobra  1:17.118	74.690   
 4   8 Bill Saunders, Dallas, Texas	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:18.226	73.632 
 5  11 Tom Kendall, Santa Monica, Calif.      Ford Mustang Cobra  1:16.799	75.000 (record)
 6  64 John W. Miller IV, Johnson City, Tenn. Chevrolet Camaro    1:18.652	73.233
 7   4 Mike Borkowski, Middlebury, Conn.      Ford Mustang Cobra  1:18.901	73.002
 8  16 Jon Gooding, Longwood, Fla.	      Ford Mustang Cobra  1:19.319	72.618 
 9  40 Jim Derhaag, Chaska, Minn.	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:19.502	72.451
10   7 R.J. Valentine, Hingham, Mass.	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:19.988	72.010
11  23 Bob Ruman, Monroe Falls, Ohio	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:20.315	71.717
12  83 Max Lagod, Barrington, Ill.	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:20.318	71.714
13  66 Leighton Reese, Eden Prairie, Minn.    Pontiac Grand Prix  1:20.513	71.541
14   6 Greg Pickett, Alamo, Calif.	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:20.698	71.377
15  55 Michael Lewis, San Diego, Calif.	      Ford Mustang Cobra  1:20.828	71.262
16  10 Don Sak, West Bloomfield, Mich.	      Oldsmobile Cutlass  1:21.277	70.868
17  24 Rick Dittman, Prairieview, Ill.	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:21.545	70.635
18  31 Don Meluzio, York, Pa.		      Chevrolet Camaro    1:21.988	70.254 
19  34 Bruce Barkelew, Columbia, Mo.	      Chevrolet Camaro    1:22.203	70.070
20  70 Peter Shea, Newport Beach, Calif.      Chevrolet Camaro    1:22.353	69.942
21  50 Bruce Nesbitt, Chicago. Ill.	      Ford Mustang Cobra  1:25.844	67.098
22  07 Michael Starnes, Mission, Kan.	      Ford Thunderbird    1:35.530	60.295
23  42 Jim Briody, Cherry Hill, N.J.	      Chevrolet Camaro    no time