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NASCAR BGN Advance Auto Parts 250 -- Qualifying Quotes

12 July 1997

NASCAR Busch Series Grand National Division
Qualifying Quotes
Advance Auto Parts 250
Myrtle Beach Speedway
July 11, 1997

BUCKSHOT JONES (#00 Aquafresh Pontiac Grand Prix) - Qualified 10th - "The car
ran pretty good. Just a little bit loose but we just wanted to get in the
DANNY EDWARDS, JR. - (#7 Llumar chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified 8th - "It
was decent. My second lap there I got a little bit loose coming up off of
(turn) two and that might have hurt us a little bit."
JEFF KROGH - (#56 Clearwater Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified 23rd - "I
missed the line a little. It was tight. I just missed the lap a little."
JASON JARRETT - (#32 White Rain Ford Thunderbird) - Qualified 24th - "I pretty
much just messed up. We had been a lot better than that. I don't know. I guess
that's what we're down here learn. I ran a lot better than that in
practice. I don't think the track changed. It was pretty much me. I just
messed up in both corners on both laps. I just hope gets us in."
MARK GREEN - (#37 Timber Wolf Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified 7th - "The
first lap was pretty good. The driver screwed up the second one. I just tried
too hard and got in there too deep in (turn) one and it kind of scooted up on
me too much. We tried for the pole and it didn't work this time."
CRAIG BAILEY - (Brewco Motorsports Public Relations, #37 Timber Wolf Chevrolet
Monte Carlo) - WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON MARK'S LAP? - "Pretty good!"
JOE BESSEY (#6 Power Team Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified 11th - "It was
disappointing. The track tightened up a little bit and we didn't really know
what it was going to do. I just hope to run a lot better than that. The car's
good. It should be a real good race car."
TODD BODINE (#36 Stanley Pontiac Grand Prix) - Qualified 15th - "That was not
too good. Not even close to what we ran in practice. I suppose the rain had
something to do with it. You never know what's going to happen."
JASON KELLER (#57 Slim Jim Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified 12th - "It's
slicking up out there after the rain. I think everybody's going slower but
that's the breaks. We'll just start where we have to tomorrow. We'll do OK."
ROBERT PRESSLEY (#47 Sunoco Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified 14th - "The
race track is just wet and oily and greasy. That's about it. There just ain't
no grip in the race track. But everybody knew it was going to be like that.
That's the way it is."

ELTON SAWYER (#38 Barbasol Ford Thunderbird) - Qualified 26th - "It wasn't
anything pretty. I got loose on the second lap getting into (turn) one. We had
run considerably faster than that in practice."
DID THE RAIN MESS YOU UP? - "I'm not going to say that. Tomorrow night
everybody has to race on the same race track. So we'll just get a place to
start and not worry about it."
DALE SHAW (#4 Phoenix Racing Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified 21st - "The
track was a little damp still. I just took it easy and wanted to bring it home
in one piece so we had something to start the race with tomorrow."
GLENN ALLEN (#99 Luxaire Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified 13th - "It wasn't
bad. I think the track is still pretty wet. I'm pretty happy with it. I think
we're going to start better than we started here last year. We have an awful
good car so we're excited for a great tomorrow night."
MIKE MCLAUGHLIN (#34 Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Qualified
17th - "It was a good first lap. It was the fastest. I guess I just overdrove
the second lap so it was a little slower. The track seems to be a little bit
TIM FEDEWA (#33 Kleenex Chevrolet Monte Carlo) - Started 6th - "It was OK. For
some reason it seemed like us and everyone else, after the rain, slowed up. I
don't know why. I'm happy. We just want to start up in the top ten and be up
front. We've got a good little race car and we'd like to keep her up there
with the other good little race cars. Hopefully we'll have a good run."