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NASCAR Winston Cup Pennsylvania 500 -- #41, Steve Grissom

16 July 1997

 #41 Steve Grissom, Kodiak Chevrolet Monte Carlo                
 NASCAR Winston Cup Series
 Pennsylvania 500 Advance
 Pocono Raceway

LONG POND, PA - After giving the Kodiak Team its best 1997 finish of fourth 
place at New Hampshire last weekend, driver Steve Grissom hopes to produce 
just as strong a run and maybe a better finish in this week's Pennsylvania 
500 at Pocono Raceway.

The fourth-place finish was the highest of Grissom's four-year career in 
Winston Cup racing, and it was also the first top-five effort of the season 
for the Larry Hedrick Motorsports Team since Grissom came on as driver for 
1997. His previous best finish this year was 10th place at the New Texas 
Motor Speedway in April.

Said Grissom, "Last week's finish at New Hampshire was just the tonic this 
Kodiak Team needed. We knew during the first half of the season that we had a 
strong team. We made some good runs in the first half and felt we should have 
had a few more top-10s, but the finishing results didn't reflect our real 
progress as a team.

"Qualifying for sixth place at New Hampshire also gave us a big boost of 
confidence, so with that, we're 'pumped' heading to Pocono this second time 
with a really positive attitude," Grissom said.

"Another reason we feel good about Pocono is that last time we had a strong 
car there. We started 35th and kept working on the car making adjustments 
during the race, so that by the last half of the race we really started 
making some progress, and got a finish of 18th place. We know we can do 
better at Pocono."

Grissom added, "We felt we learned a lot about what kind of setup we need on 
that track from the last race, so this second time around up there we hope 
we'll be able to qualify better and get another top-10 or top-five finish.

"Getting that good top-five finish at New Hampshire to start the second half 
of the season meant a lot to us," stated Grissom. "With that, we'll be 
working on continuing to improve each race and be real competitive the rest 
of the year. There's still plenty of time left to make up some positions in 
the points, and that's our goal."

Continued Grissom, "Pocono is a unique track with its own characteristics, 
from the different kind of turns and the overall flatness. That makes it 
difficult to adjust the car to, but at the same time, it's a challenge, and 
if you can pull of a good performance there, you've got a lot to be proud of, 
and that just pumps you up that much more.

"Feeling good about yourselves and your effort, and seeing the good positive 
results from that hard work pay off, well, you just can't beat that and what 
it does for everybody on the team," said Grissom. "Consistent, top, strong 
performances create winning attitudes. That's what you've got to have to be 
successful, a great attitude.

"We look forward to the challenge of the second half of the season. We're 
ready to make our move upward and become a factor every race. Larry Hedrick 
(team owner) has provided us with the resources and the personnel we need for 
success, so we feel this Kodiak Team is right on the verge of making our 
presence known on a regular basis."

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