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HAV-A-TAMPA Report and Results from Kentucky

21 July 1997

OLIVE HILL, KY - Ashland, KY driver Steve Francis used a daring pass of Joe Meadows in the late stages of the race to take his first HAV-A-TAMPA victory in the "Kentucky State Classic" at Carter County Speedway, Olive Hill, KY. Francis, who started on the front row of the field, picked up $10,000 for the win.

"It's great to finally get one of these wins" said Francis after the race. "This is a tough bunch of guys to race against, hopefully we can get our motor program right so we can run with HAV-A-TAMPA full time next year."

Meadows, who hails from Beckley, WV, almost pulled of what would have been a stunning upset as he led the 26 car field until late in the race. Francis dogged him the entire distance and was finally able to make the pass. Meadows suffered further indignity when jack Boggs was able to slip past him on the final lap to relegate him to third at the finish. Freddy Smith and Mark Miner rounded out the top five.

The race was severely affected by temperatures that rose past the century mark, and caused the track to dry out very quickly. The race had to be red flagged on lap 12 because the pall of dust raised by the cars was becoming a safety hazard. The cars pulled into the pits, the track was watered and run in and the race was continued. The race distance was reduced from the scheduled 100 laps to 51 because of the track condition.

The shortened race did not help points leader Billy Moyer, who lost an engine during heat races and was forced into his backup car. Moyer was forced to retire that car after just 11 laps with further mechanical woes.

John Kaiser -- The Autochannel

RESULTS "Kentucky State Classic"

pos Driver                      Hometown                Laps Money
1.  Steve Francis               Ashland, KY             51  $10150
2.  Jack Boggs                  Grayson, KY             51    6000
3.  Joe Meadows                 Beckley, WV             51    3000
4.  Freddy Smith                Knoxville, TN           51    3650
5.  Mark Miner                  Stockbridge, GA         51    2100
6.  Clint Smith                 Griffin, GA             51    2450
7.  Skip Arp                    Georgetown, TN          51    2250
8.  Dale McDowell               Rossville, GA           51    1900
9.  Marshall Green              Dalton, GA              51    1850
10. Randy Boggs                 Grayson, KY             51    1100
11. David Gibson                Ash Flat, AR            51    1500
12. Jackie Boggs                Grayson, KY             51     950
13. Shawn Halliday              Ironton, OH             51     900
14. Donnie Moran                Dresden, OH             51    1375
15. Kenny Compton Jr            Beckley, WV             51     850
16. Eddie Carrier Jr            Hazard, KY              51     825
17. Ray Cook                    Murphy, NC              50    1300
18. Wendell Wallace             Batesville, AR          44    1350
19. Paul Davis                  Paintsville, KY         44     700
20. Earl Pearson Jr             Jacksonville, FL        44     700
21. Shane Yoder                 Toledo, OH              33     700
22. Brandon Kinzer              Allen, KY               33     700
23. Thomas Ware                 Cynthiana, KY           33     700
24. Bill Bocook                 Wheelersburg, OH        33     700
25. Johnny Virden               Russellville, AR        12     850
26. Billy Moyer                 Batesville, AR          11    1200

ISKY RACING CAMS Fast Gun Award: Billy Moyer 17.618 secs/72.629 mph
UNION, KY - Skip Arp, of Georgetown, TN, used a daring move in traffic with just 9 laps remaining to claim the title of "Ironman" by just beating Bart Hartman to the line in the "Ironman 100" HAV-A-TAMPA race at Florence Speedway in Union, KY. Arp dogged Hartman for the last third of the race and when Hartman went high to find a way around lapped traffic, Arp went to the inside to make the pass that netted him his sixth career win on the cigar sponsored circuit and his first of 1997. Hartman challenged for the rest of the race, but was unable to regain the lost ground and had to settle for second.

"It worked out good for us," said the smiling Arp from Victory Lane. "If Bart would have been behind me there in traffic, he nay have done the same to me, but it worked for us and I felt like the bottom groove was the fast way around. It's just great to have our luck turn for us. I couldn't ask for a better bunch on this team. Mike at KMD Motorsports, my wife Janice and the whole crew. It's just really worked out good for us."

Polesitter Mark Miner led the 24 field to the green flag, but was shuffled out of line as Bob Pierce, Hartman and Arp thundered to the front on the opening lap. Pierce led the first 25 laps before Hartman was able to make the pass and take the point. Hartman held the lead for the next 66 laps while behind him a tremendous amount of slashing and dashing was going on as cars fought for position. Arp was able to get past Pierce and began hounding Hartman until the two cars approached lapped traffic. Hartman looked high for a way around the traffic and Arp seized the chance and went low. The two cars went across the line at the end of lap 90 in a dead heat with Arp taking the lead the next lap. Pierce closed in and began to challenge Hartman for second, but was unable to make the pass and settled for third. Rick Aukland and Wendell Wallace rounded out the top five.

"I took a chance trying to roll them on the outside and it just wouldn't work," Hartman said later. The lapped traffic just wasn't moving and I had to go somewhere and look around. I took a chance and Skip got under me. I was glad to see him win, but I'd much rather it had been me."

The second of two cautions came out when Jerry Rice and Donnie Moran were racing for position on lap 51 and Rice got loose and hit the outside wall. Rice, obviously angry with Moran, climbed from his car and threw a handful of dirt at the Dresden, OH driver as the field came by under caution and was disqualified for his actions. Arp picked up an additional $1,000 for winning in a GRT chassis. The bonus had rolled over for the past five weeks until Arp got the win.

John Kaiser -- The Autochannel


pos Driver                      Hometown                Laps    Money
1.  Skip Arp                    Georgetown, TN          100     $16600
2.  Bart Hartman                Zanesville, OH          100       8500
3.  Bob Pierce                  Danville, IL            100       5150
4.  Rick Aukland                Fargo, ND               100       3600
5.  Wendell Wallace             Batesville, AR          100       3750
6.  Jack Boggs                  Grayson, KY             100       2750
7.  Johnny Virden               Russelville, AR         100       2700
8.  John Holt                   Independence, KY        100       2250
9.  Billy Moyer                 Batesville, AR          100       2600
10. Donnie Moran                Dresden, OH             100       2250
11. John Gill                   Mitchell, IN            100       1500
12. Darrell Lanigan             Union, KY               100       1300
13. Clint Smith                 Griffin, GA              99       1700
14. Freddy Smith                Knoxville, TN            99       1850
15. Dale McDowell               Rossville, GA            99       1500
16. Ray Cook                    Murphy, NC               99       1475
17. John Mason                  Millersburg, OH          98        950
18. Shawn Toczek                Griffith, IN             98        925
19. David Gibson                Ash Flat, AR             98       1400
20. Scotty Earl                 Louisville, KY           97        900
21. Steve Barnett               Franklin, IN             68        900
22. Mark Miner                  Stockbridge, GA          39        900
23. Marshall Green              Dalton, GA               17        900
24. Jerry Rice                  Verona, KY               51        DQ
ISKY RACIN CAMS Fast Gun Award: Mark Miner 16.639secs/108.18mph

HAV-A-TAMPA Dirt Racing Series National Points standings after 22 of 32

Pos Driver               Points
 1. Billy Moyer          3431
 2. Wendell Wallace      3293
 3. Freddy Smith         3173
 4. Donnie Moran         3093
 5. Dale McDowell        3007
 6. Clint Smith          2957
 7. Skip Arp             2882
 8. Marshall Green       2711
 9. David Gibson         2586
10. Ray Cook             2546
11. Johnny Virden        2305
12. Bill Frye            2039
13. Mark Miner           1881
14. Steve Russell        1743
15. Ronnie Johnson       1660
16. Earl Pearson Jr      1638
17. Gar Dickson          1403
18. Robbie Starnes       1262
19. Bob Pierce           1144    
20. Rex Richey           1053