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NASCAR Winston Cup Bud at Watkins Glen Preview: Quotes from Dallenbach

6 August 1997

 NASCAR Winston Cup Series
 Pre-Race Quotes
 The Bud at the Glen
 Watkins Glen International

WALLY DALLENBACH (#46 First Union Monte Carlo) - One of the most accomplished 
road racers on the NASCAR Winston Cup circuit, Dallenbach has high hopes 
entering Sunday's Bud at the Glen. He discusses the strategy for Sunday's 
race at the historic 11-turn, 2.45-mile Watkins Glen International layout.

"This will be the first time I've been to Watkins Glen with the First Union 
team. We didn't get to test there, but I'm going to drive hard just like I 
always do at Watkins Glen. You've got to race the track, but I've always been 
real aggressive there and it's worked for me in the past. I just never seem 
to qualify well there for some reason, and that can really hurt. Track 
position is so important. You've got to have some good equipment under you to 
make it work, but I think I'm just too cautious in qualifying.

"I usually try to be smooth in qualifying, but it takes a little longer to 
get heat in the tires and you usually blow the first two turns before the 
tired heat up. I might drive hard and sloppy from the beginning in qualifying 
and see what we get. Then I won't have to kick myself for not driving hard 
enough. Of course, if we don't make it around the track, I might be kicking 
myself for trying too hard.

"We didn't have a good race up there last year. We rode around most of the 
day with a broken sway bar and didn't know it. We ended up finishing 10th, 
but we were never in position to win the race. I drove Bill Davis' car up 
there in '95 and got robbed. I had a nine-second lead late in the race and 
suddenly a mysterious caution flag came out for oil that didn't need any 
speedy dry.

"Mark Martin was about a tenth faster per lap then me, but we had pitted out 
of sequence and got a big lead and Mark wasn't going to catch us without that 
yellow flag. That's all water under the bridge, but we had that race.

"We're going to take the same car we raced at Sears Point. We out-tricked 
ourselves a little at Sears Point. We're going back to basics with it at 
Watkins Glen. We shook it down at Road Atlanta, so I think we'll be pretty 
good when we get to The Glen. Mark Martin may be the guy to beat when we get 
there, but you never really know anymore. I'd say 25 guys have a chance to 
win that race. It's not like it used to be when only three or four drivers 
had a chance to win. I know Mark's got a new car and they tested it up there, 
but he's not invincible.

"I'd say the three Sabco Chevrolets have a good chance at Watkins Glen. 
You've always got to watch out for Front Row Joe when it comes to qualifying, 
and he's a good road racer, too. Robby Gordon is a good road racer, so any of 
Felix's (car owner Sabates) could win at Watkins Glen. We've just got to 
figure out a way to finish the race. If you don't finish, you can't win.

"Track position is so important. There's really no trick to winning on a road 
course or anywhere else. You've got to have good equipment and make the most 
of the opportunities that come your way. Geoff Bodine is a good example of 
that. He made the right call and was in the right position to win last year 
at Watkins Glen. You don't have to have the fastest car. You just have to use 
your head in the pits."

By Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corporation Public Relations