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NASCAR BGN Food City 250: Laps 44 - 130

22 August 1997


Lap 44: Still under caution as the safety crews clean up the mess made by 
Allen's car.

Lap 45: ESadler goes behind the wall. The crew is going to change the 
radiator on his car.

Lap 46: Green flag!

BLabonte gets around McLaughlin and 

LaJoie is off the pace....and the whole field goes by him.

Earnhardt gets the lead.

Trouble in turn 2: Hall got sideways between turns one and two. As the field 
checks up Porter and Keller receive damage. TBodine also spins in the 

Caution #3.

Waltrip has a cut left, rear tire. He's in the pits and now the hood goes up.

TBodine is on pit road. And LaJoie also comes into the pits. He had a right, 
rear tire going down. 

Under caution: Earnhardt, Fedewa, Jones, Trickle, BLabonte, McLaughlin, 
Sawyer, Buttke, Spencer

Green flag on lap 54. Earnhardt holds the lead. 

Lap 55: Waltrip is out of the race. He reports that a brake rotor went 
through his radiator.

Jarrett is off the pace. He comes into the pits. 

Lap 60: Earnhardt, Fedewa, Jones, Trickle, BLabonte, McLaughlin, Sawyer, 
Spencer, Fuller, Buttke

ESadler's crew has given up on trying to fix his car. Apparently there is 
more wrong than just a busted radiator. 

LaJoie is currently running in the 25th spot. TBodine is right behind him in 

Earnhardt tries to put a lap on Diamond in turn 2 and he spins!! 

Fedewa takes the lead and the caution is out for the 4th time.

Lap 70: Leaders pit.

Spencer, Buttke, LaJoie, TBodine, and Kenseth all stay on the track and run 
1st through 5th under caution.

Earnhardt is back in 29th.

Porter is on pit road. He has heavy damage to the front end of his car.

Green flag on lap 76.

Spencer jumps out to a four car-length led.

Buttke and LaJoie have closed in on Spencer. 

Yellow #5 flies as Hall and Earnhardt make contact in turn four. Earnhardt 
drives away but Hall's car is stalled on the track. 

Under caution: Spencer, Buttke, LaJoie, Bodine, Kenseth, Leslie, Sawyer

Green flag on lap 90.

Spencer clears the lapped car of Teague who falls in line in front of Buttke. 

Buttke gets alongside Teague and makes the pass. LaJoie gets around Teague.

Lap 95: Spencer, Buttke, LaJoie, Bodine, Kenseth, Leslie, Sawyer, Jones, 
Fedewa, Trickle

LaJoie passes Buttke for second.

Leslie gets out of line and falls all the way back to 18th before he can 
wedge his way back into the groove.

Jones gets around Kenseth for fifth.

Lap 113: Spencer, LaJoie, Buttke, Jones, Kenseth, Sawyer, Bodine

Spencer catches slower traffic and puts Setzer a lap down.

Reeves almost gets sideways, scrapes along Wilson's car and continues on.

Trickle passes Bodine for seventh while Jones takes third from Buttke.

Lap 125 (halfway): Spencer, LaJoie, Jones, Sawyer, Buttke, Trickle, Kenseth, 

Trickle starts to lose positions.

Lap 130: Lepage spins in turn two and the caution flag waves for the sixth 

Spencer comes down pit road and hands the lead to LaJoie