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NASCAR Winston Cup Series ACDelco 400: Post Qual Quotes (Ford Drivers)

24 October 1997

 NASCAR Winston Cup Series
 Ford Qualify Quotes 
 ACDelco 400
 North Carolina Motor Speedway
 October 24, 1997
ROCKINGHAM, NC - The following provided by Ford Motorsports Public Affairs:

MARK MARTIN (#6 Valvoline Thunderbird) - Qualified 3rd - "Well, it wasn't 
good enough for a pole, but that will get us on the frontstretch (pits). I 
was a little uneasy coming up to the green, so I got into the corners a 
little easier than you've got to if you are going to get a pole. I got on the 
gas good and early and the car really did good, but I didn't have the feeling 
that I needed to reach out for a pole. When I came up to speed. I didn't feel 
real secure going into turn 3, so I just took what I could get. We didn't 
need to reach any deeper than that. That was a good conservative lap. The car 
worked well, but it didn't have in it what it needed to reach for a pole, so 
we'll save that for another day. 

"We are going to do everything we can to try to race good here. That's all we 
can do. It's going to come down to the last few races and all of 'em are 
important. If we were 110 ahead instead of 110 behind we'd be in a lot better 
shape. We're awful good at Phoenix and we hope to do good at Atlanta. But we 
look at the 24 car (Jeff Gordon) and say, 'They are, too.' Then we look at 
the 88 (Dale Jarrett) and we say, "They are, too.' It's been the same story 
all year. I don't know how the picture is going to change. The picture would 
have changed a little bit if we had gotten through that wreck at Talladega, 
but we didn't If we had a 110-point lead things would look a lot better than 
they look right now. The main thing is winning on Sunday. We'll give it our 
best shot. The team has done a great job. We've got great cars right now, 
they're working good, everybody's chin is up and we're ready to go."

RUSTY WALLACE (#2 Miller Lite Thunderbird) - Qualified 18th - "I was pretty 
happy with it. I had a good run. turns 3 and 4 were really good, and in turn 
1, I've been driving in way too deep and I had my mind on that and I don't 
think I drove in deep enough this time."

DICK TRICKLE (#90 Heilig-Meyers Thunderbird) - Qualified 12th - "It was a 
good lap for us. It's the best lap we've run all day. It was about two-tenths 
quicker. Hopefully that will get us in. We kinda messed up in practice and 
lost some time, but the guys came back and got us a respectable lap."

LAKE SPEED (#9 Advantage Camo Thunderbird) - Did not qualify; 30th - "It was 
fair. It wasn't what we were expecting. The car has been a little tight. It 
was still tight, but that will get us in the race and we can get ready to 

GEOFF BODINE (#7 QVC Thunderbird) - Qualified 7th - "That will get us in. 
That was pretty awesome. We hadn't run that good in practice, but we made 
some changes. Terry Wooten and Pete Peterson and Tim Brewer, my three guys, 
we came up with a plan and it worked pretty good. The car was darn good. We 
stiffened the right rear spring up, no big secret. It was a little tight 
getting into the corner. It didn't want to turn good getting into the middle 
of the corner, so we put a rubber in the right rear and it turned."

JEREMY MAYFIELD (#37 Kmart/RC Cola Thunderbird) - Qualified 24th - "We're in 
the show and we're on the frontstretch. That's two of the three goals 
everybody started with this morning. I guess Bobby Labonte is the only guy 
out here who got all three goals today. We're excited about Sunday. We've got 
a good car and a really good feeling."

DALE JARRETT (#88 Quality Care/Ford Credit Thunderbird) - Qualified 2nd - 
"Bobby ran a good lap, I just couldn't quite get to him. The lap was good. I 
don't know if I could do anything different. The car has been fast here the 
whole time. Now if we can just get it ready to race."

JEFF BURTON (#99 Exide Batteries Thunderbird) - Qualified 11th - "That was a 
great run. We picked up four-tenths from where we practiced. That's just a 
lot of hard work and a lot of effort. I'm real, real proud of that. There are 
some days when you are proud to qualify on the pole, and some days when you 
are proud just to be in the top 10. Wherever that puts us, I'm real proud, 
because we gained a whole lot from where we practiced. We picked up 
four-tenths, and you just don't pick up four-tenths at a place like 
Rockingham. We struggled a lot and made a lot of changes before qualifying, 
and they worked. I think I was struggling a little bit from getting out of 
the Busch car and into the Winston Cup car. I don't think I was adjusting 
quite good enough. But I made sure I drove the Cup car like a Cup car. I did 
a better job of driving and the team did a better job. It was a big, big team 
effort, and I'm really proud of them. 

"I'm excited about being on the Busch pole. We've had a great year and run 
really good and we needed a pole for confidence and everything else. I've 
struggled a little bit qualifying, and today is probably the best I've ever 
qualified all the way around. The Winston Cup car isn't on the pole, but we 
picked up four-tenths from where we practiced and that's a lot."

BILL ELLIOTT (#94 McDonald's Thunderbird) - Qualified 8th - "That's a lot 
better than we did in practice. I just really concentrated on the lap I 
wanted to ran and just tried to put it all together. Here I have qualified 
the last two times around at 23.60, then I've been back in the teens, so I 
said I was going to try to get a pretty good lap here, and it paid off."