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NASCAR Winston Cup Series ACDelco 400: Post Race Quotes (Ford Drivers)

28 October 1997

 NASCAR Winston Cup Series
 Ford Race Quotes
 ACDelco 400
 North Carolina Motor Speedway
 October 27, 1997

ROCKINGHAM, NC - The following provided by Ford Motorsports Public Affairs:  

MARK MARTIN (#6 Valvoline Thunderbird) - Started 3rd, finished 6th - "We were 
going to finish fourth but Trickle ran into the back of me and got back by 
me. I passed him clean and he got into me. At least I didn't wreck. We lost 
some points. We'll go to Phoenix and get 'em back. Today is over with. We 
didn't run good enough, but maybe we will at Phoenix. Who knows?

"It was just a little off. We just never really got it dialed in. It was 
kinda one of those days when you are off just a touch and it seems to come 
go real bad. Today, we were better and worse, better and worse with each set 
of tires and adjusting around and stuff. We didn't run bad, we just didn't 
run good. We did a good job with what we had to work with today."

DICK TRICKLE (#90 Heilig-Meyers Thunderbird) - Started 12th, finished 5th - 
"You've got to give everybody involved credit. Heilig-Meyers for having the 
faith in Dick Trickle and the Junie Donlavey team. We're just getting a 
rhythm going here. We've had some good runs, we just haven't got the 
deserving finishes because of mechanical problems or getting caught up in 
somebody else's mess. But it's showing. It's communication with Tommy 
(Baldwin), the new crew chief, and all the guys on the team. No single man, 
not Tommy or Dick Trickle, did it. It's the team all coming up to bat. They 
have all stepped up to the plate.

"It was kinda fun racing Mark (Martin). Mark shook his fist a little bit and 
shook his finger at me. That's fun. He doesn't realize I'm hungrier than he 
is. He should have just moved over and let me go. It was terrible loose there 
at the end, and Mark was getting me loose. He drove a great race. I didn't 
hit him hard, just enough to make him move up in the second groove. I thought 
maybe he didn't like that groove anyhow. You would rather not have that done 
to you, and he was a little unhappy about it, but after a while we will 
giggle about it, because he didn't need a fifth as bad as I did.

"It was a great weekend. We finished second Saturday and fifth today. It just 
shows what the team can do if you are all working in one direction. There's 
no one man doing it. It's everybody from the team manager to the guy who 
bolts spindles on. We're pumped up. Them young guys have got me pumped up, 

RICKY RUDD (#10 Tide Thunderbird) - Started 13th, finished 40th - Involved in 
accident with Jimmy Spencer on lap 113 - "Spencer bounced off the wall and I 
tried to miss him, but I couldn't miss him. That's the way it's been going. 
It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We were running 
on pretty decent, making some adjustments and not panicking. We were 
somewhere in the top 10. I was following Spencer and getting ready to pass 
him. It looked like something happened to his car. He blew a tire or 
something and hit the fence and I was right behind him. I thought I had him 
missed, but I got into the back of him, and that knocked us out."

RICK MAST (#75 Remington Arms Thunderbird) - Started 22nd, finished 42nd - 
Retired car with a broken camshaft after completing 178 laps. Mast fell from 
29th to 32nd in the point standings. - "I don't know. We were running along 
pretty good. I kinda got in a mess up there around the lapped cars. I was 
just trying to keep cool. We were going good, it just cut off. It missed for 
about half a lap, then the thing shut down. It was something under the hood. 
That's the way it goes, man. At least they knew the Remington bullet was here 

JEREMY MAYFIELD (#37 Kmart/RC Cola Thunderbird) - Started 24th, finished 15th 
- Mayfield moved from 13th to 11th in the point standings. - "Believe me, 
it's a whole lot more fun picking up spots in the points than losing spots. 
We're working hard on that top 10. We worked hard all day today. We kept 
working and adjusting, getting the car the best we could. All in all, not a 
bad run for this team. Rockingham's not been one of my better tracks, but 
we're really looking forward to Phoenix and Atlanta."

JEFF BURTON (#99 Exide Batteries Thunderbird) - Started 11th, finished 38th - 
Involved in single-car accident in turn two on lap 271. Led once for 21 laps. 
- "I got under Ward (Burton) and I thought he was going to let me go and I 
drove in there too hard, thinking I was going to use the whole race track and 
he ran in there with me. I just drove in there too hard for somebody to be on 
the outside of me. It was just one of those deals where you race with your 
brother and it's hard racing with your brother. He did what he was supposed 
to do, and I did what I thought he was going to do. It's hard, but when you 
wreck, it's your fault no matter what. It's my fault. It hurt us a lot, but 
the only reason we got back there was because we got penalized (for speeding 
on pit road), and I don't understand that. I looked at my tach, and my tach 
was where it was supposed to be. That's all I know. 

"If it would have fallen right (we had the car to beat). We would have had to 
get a run with 30 to go or 50 to go, depending on what my car liked. If we 
would have got that, we had the car to beat. We had a good race car. We were 
really good from lap 25 to lap 45. We were really good right there. That's 
the kind of run we needed. If we had had track position and that kind of run, 
we would have had a chance to win."

BILL ELLIOTT (#94 McDonald's Thunderbird) - Started 8th, finished 12th - "It 
was pretty good. We had a lug stud mess up there and it slowed our pit stops 
down. That was on the last two or three stops. We kept having trouble with 
the right front. We had a problem on the caution stop, and that got us in the 
back, and we kept having problems with it. It's just kinda one of them days. 
We came out of here pretty decent and gained a few points on some of these 
other guys. We'll just get out of here and go wherever we go next."

JIMMY SPENCER (#23 Camel Thunderbird) - Started 40th, finished 43rd - 
Involved in accident with Ricky Rudd on lap 113. - "I feel real bad for my 
guys. We had a good race car again, but we ain't had no damn luck. I don't 
know what we've got to do to fix it. Something happened. I don't know if I 
got too high. I don't know what happened. I sure hope this season is over so 
we can get on to next year."

ERNIE IRVAN (#28 Texaco/Havoline Thunderbird) - Started 39th, finished 28th - 
"We had one set (of tires) that just didn't handle very good, then we had a 
flat on another set. We had two unscheduled stops. That doesn't help things. 
I think we had a top-10 car, and that was about it. We could wish for more, 
but I think that was about it."

ROBERT PRESSLEY (#77 Jasper Engines/Federal Mogul Thunderbird) - Started 
27th, finished 13th - "We ran good all day. This team had some horsepower 
today and a good handling car. These guys did a great job. We've had some 
good race cars, but this is the first time we've got to run the whole thing 
without taking a break in the middle. I'm happy. This is just things to come 
for next year. We're just building right now. It's coming around. We're 
qualifying decent. We're racing a lot better than we're qualifying. 
Everything is going good. One thing about it, they're giving me some 
horsepower, and that makes it easy."